2014 Toyota Tacoma Long Travel

2015 FJ SUMMIT – Ouray, CO

by chaosfab on July 29, 2015

For the last 4 years we have escaped the California summer heat by loading up the TC Toyota’s and adventuring to Colorado in July. We chase the calendar dates for the annual FJ Summit events, where we get the opportunity to meet and greet new and old customers & hang out with friends while exploring some of the most majestic trails in the USA.

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Ouray is a great base camp for off road trails that climb and switch back vertical mountain peaks ranging from 10,000 feet to 13,000 feet. There are several points of interest with old structures that are left from mining camps that date back to the 1880’s to early 1900’s. Neighboring towns of Telluride, Lake City and Silverton offer other historic points of interest for mini day length designation runs, and they are littered with great local shops and restaurants.

While in town, we never miss a chance to go play “brain games” with Hutch at Mr. Grumpy Pants! He serves some of the best home microbrew beer on tap and has a great hang out spot for the crew after a long day on the trails. This year we attended a wedding at Yankee Boy for our great friends Scotty and Sarah. We would not have missed it. The thick clouds in the sky opened up just in time for an amazing ceremony. Congrats to the Wojo’s!! And of course the FJ Summit crew organizes one of the most amazing family events catered to off roaders that is 100% nonprofit. Over $10,000 was donated back to the local community of Ouray and to 2 high school students received scholarships.

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The FJ Summit raffle is filled with amazing prizes and every day they host a speaker or class designed to educate those on hand about proper wheeling techniques or gear. This year they offered to mic to 2015 Rallye Aiicha de Gazelles competitors Nicole Pitell-Vaughan & Rachelle Croft to talk about the all female Rallye in Morocco, Africa that they both competed in earlier in the year. Class act for a group of guys that just likes seeing smiling faces every year in exchange for hugs or swigs of So Co. Lol Never say “next year” unless you want a shot of whisky!

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The area is also rich in history with the Ute Indian tribe. The town of Montrose is just a short distance north of Ouray, but they have an amazing Ute Indian Museum filled with exhibits from ancient times to present. We took an hour to stop this trip and walk the facility filled with artifacts and were greeted with an amazingly warm staff of ladies wanting to chat about the displays. If it is your lucky day, CJ the manager and a local native Indian will be there and bless you with some sage & personal gifts! “Thank you CJ”
We wanted to add a few more states that the “Morocco Taco” visited and packed it up for this trip. The list after crossing the United States from east to west coast after it landed state side following the Rallye in Morocco, Africa now includes: NJ, PA, OH, IL, MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ, CO, UT, NV & CA. 6,000 road miles and counting……………..SEE YOU IN THE DIRT!